Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Villains, Pick Your Poison Designer Vinyl Show Friday May 13th

With Comic Con season upon us and Phoenix Comicon next month The Rusted Nail Gallery is doing another open platform designer vinyl show. The theme is Villains. This can be Movie, TV, Comic Book or any other form of Villain that you see fit. Example being true to life people who are portrayed as Villains or evil people. Open platform so pick your favorite DIY be it Munny, Qee, Trexi, MadL, Mighty Mugg, or whatever else and do it up.

The show will kick off with Mesa's 2nd Friday event on May 13th and then the show will open again to run along side Phoenix Comicon May 26th -29th. Several pieces will be picked at random to be on display at our booth at the Con so tons more people will be seeing your piece. Anybody can be a part, but I'm sure we'll have a strong CTU group presence with this one.

Deadline for submissions is Friday May 6th to be a part of the 2nd Friday show and May 23rd to be a part of the Phoenix Comicon show. So if you can't make it in by the 6th there's still time to be a part of the Phoenix Comicon show. Contact for more information.

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