Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Munny World Showcase CALL FOR ARTISTS

Munny World Showcase, featuring custom Munny World, Mini Munny, 7" Munny, Mega Munny, and Dunny by artists from all over.

A little short notice for a full blown show, but if you're a customizer and have a custom Munny or Dunny sitting around or can have one done up by July 7th then come be a part and show off your work. There's no theme, just keep it to the Munny and Dunny world figures. Even if it's just a 3" Dunny. You're free to list them for sale or if you wish to just have them on display to show off your work that's fine too.

The show will kick off Friday July 8th which is 2nd Friday Art Walk here in Mesa. Which means tons of people will be wondering down Main Street and into the gallery checking out your work.

contact therustednail@cox.net for more information

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