Thursday, August 4, 2011

RESIN SUX: a show featuring custom resin figures by artists from all over

Friday August 12th 6PM - 11PM at The Rusted Nail Gallery
Join us for a look into resin. We will have tons of resin figures on display as well as mold samples and artists on hand to talk about the world of resin as an art form. There will be several exclusive runs available for purchase by both local and international artists. Some artists include Motorbot, KiLL!, Bwana Spoons, uh oh Toys, Monstrehero, Doktor Strangebeast, Rivet Wars, Rusted Halo, and more.


  1. Are the pieces in the show only available to view online through facebook?

  2. The pictures are also available on Flickr here
    However Facebook will get updated first and more images may surface that were taken by other people at the show and then tagged on Facebook.